We are the Morris Family

John and Myiul Morris are first generation to Morris Farms, but both have backgrounds with agriculture. 

John started farming with his uncle at the age of sixteen which turned into him furthering his passion for agriculture. With a lot of hard work and dedication, by the age of eighteen he had his first lease and over the next seventeen years he was able to grow his farming operation into what it is today, Morris Farms.

Myiul Morris on the other hand is a city girl that always knew she belonged in the country. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, both of her parents brought her to the country as much as possible since they both had farming roots. Myiuls mother grew up growing corn and her dad grew up on a dairy farm, between the two of them she did not lack in having access to agriculture. At the age of fifteen she moved to Oklahoma so her mother could expand her horticulture operation while Myiul grew her passion for cows, working as much as possible with local farmers to learn as much as possible. By the age of eighteen she had her own cow herd which later combined with Johns. 

In addition to their cow/calf operation, Myiul and John farm wheat and alfalfa.

Fun Fact: They met through a local agriculture organization, but they did not start dating until Myiul needed help with a sick cow and John happened to be the guy to help her doctor it! The rest is history.

Welcome to the farm. 

When we got married we always had the same goal in mind, to bring high quality, whole foods to the table. Through lots of hard work, dedication and research we have been able to continue to succeed at our goals here at Morris Farms. We have been selling meat locally for a while, but are now ready to take that portion of our farm to a larger scale.

We hope you enjoy our meat as much as we do.

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