What does dry aging do?

Dry aging beef promotes the best tenderness and flavor. It requires more time than industry standard, but is worth it when you try the superior taste. With the vast amount of people in the US, industry standard has become efficiency and how quickly a product can get into the grocery store on mass levels. Dry aging beef was once the norm, but as the world has grown it has become more of a rarity in stores. Here at Morris Farms, as a small business, we get the chance to follow your product from start to finish on a smaller scale and give you access to dry aged beef. You can taste the difference.

How do you feed out your cattle?

Our cattle are not fed out the traditional way using the "feedlot" method. Our cattle are in a lush green pasture from the beginning to end with freedom of choice for grain for 120 days.

Has your meat been treated with antibiotics?

No, our cattle that we use for meat are never treated with antibiotics unless for specific circumstances such as illness. If cattle are treated with antibiotics we find other uses for them and they are not used for meat that we sell on our website.

Shipping & Return FAQS 

How do you ship your beef?

We ship our beef using our specialty insulated boxes, on dry ice. Your meat will arrive completely frozen or partially thawed.

When do you ship?

We currently ship every Monday! Any orders after 8 pm Sunday will be shipped on the next weeks shipping day!

What is your return policy?

We have a strict no returns or refunds policy on our beef products. All of our beef products are perishable and cannot be shipped back and forth due to this nature. We work diligently to make sure every item we send is in perfect condition and it is shipped properly on dry ice in our insulated boxes. You can however exchange or return apparel with in 30 days of purchase.

What if I put the wrong address?

We are not liable if the information provided for shipping is not correct. If you accidentally provided the wrong shipping address, please contact us immediately.

Do you ship meat internationally? 

We are not able to ship our beef internationally, but can ship ranch goods such as hats or shirts!